A new roof for Sandy Simon

Not only do we travel to Africa, but we help local people in need as well.


Ken Troyer, a salesman for one of our construction companies, went out to meet with Sandy Simon because she knew she needed a new roof.  Her husband had recently passed away.  She knew she need a roof, but didn’t know if she could afford it.  Sandy expressed to Ken that she felt overwhelmed by the whole project.

Ken prayed about it and brought her quote to our team. After looking at the project we decided to help Sandy out by installing her new roof for free.  We were able to partner with our suppliers and a local church to make sure Sandy didn’t have to stress about this project.

When Ken went out to tell Sandy we was absolutely floored! She said no one had ever done such a nice thing for her before!

” If you can feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”  -Mother Teresa

We have occasionally stayed in touch with Sandy since this project has been complete.  We had the pleasure of helping her put some doors in this fall, and she was happy with the work.  We wish her the best and hope that God touches her life in many ways to come!