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Loving People
Serving God

Serving people
in our community
and across seas

8th Annual Fall Festival

Join us on August 11, 2023, for an evening of music, food, and fellowship at our 8th annual fall festival!

What we do


Education is especially important if we want to help people out of poverty. Not only are they getting an education that…

Healthy Food

The children in the villages of Uganda sometimes depend on the meal provided for them at school for…

Clean Water

We have been blessed to be able to install a well in the village of Kidikal…

Medical Care

We love doing medical clinics for the people in the villages. It is such a great blessing to be able to help people…

Our Progress In Numbers

School Buildings Built
Clean water wells
Teacher Salaries
Children in classrooms

How you can help

Donations are the easiest way to help make a difference. Money donated goes to supplies and materials needed for our projects both internationally and in our community.

Come celebrate with us as we raise funds for our mission. Come enjoy live music, local food tracks and try your luck in a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds are used for our mission.

Don’t have the extra money? there are many other ways to help, you can volunteer your time, or reach out to us for other ways to help.

Ongoing activities and Upcoming Events